10-Step Noise Mitigation Process

Because the Noise Mitigation Program process can seem complex at times, we have separated it into ten steps.

  • Step 1: Eligibility +

    Eligibility for the Noise Mitigation Program is determined by evaluating the location of a home relative to contours on Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport's most recent FAA approved Noise Exposure Map. These Maps are developed during updates to the Airport's FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study. Homes that fall within the 65 - 69 DNL contour, and meet FAA Noise Testing Requirements, are currently eligible for the Noise Mitigation Program under FAA guidelines. Final determination of eligibility is made by the Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport. If your home is deemed eligible, you will be asked to complete an application which will be held on file in the Program office. For more information about eligibility, please click here or contact the Noise Mitigation Program office at (413) 568-2320.

  • Step 2: Selection +

    Once a home is determined to be eligible, selection is based on the DNL level at the home site. For homes of equal DNL levels, priority will be to homes closest to the runway center line. Funding availability dictates the number of homes selected for each phase. Homeowners are notified in writing that their home has been selected for the Program and are invited to attend an initial homeowner meeting. This meeting serves as an informational session to explain the Noise Mitigation Program process, distribute pertinent documents and address homeowner questions and concerns. Please contact the Noise Mitigation Program Office at (413) 568-2320 if you have any questions or concerns regarding Program Selection.

  • Step 3: Request to Participate +

    Because this program is voluntary, you will need to let us know whether or not you wish to participate if your home is selected. You must return the following completed documents to us before you can participate in the program:

    Request to Participate (RTP):

    This document gives the Noise Mitigation Program permission to perform tests and measurements to determine what modifications are necessary to achieve the required sound reduction goals. This document must be signed by an owner of the home listed on the title of the home. This document does not bind you to receive the Noise Mitigation modifications. You will be expected to complete this document before we schedule any appointments with you.

    Title Search Form:

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that we perform a title search of your home to verify that you are currently listed as the owner according to municipal records.

    Power of Attorney Form:

    We require a homeowner or authorized representative of the homeowner to be present during construction. If you choose to elect a representative on your behalf, we must have a completed Power of Attorney Form on file in the Program Office. This form states that the representative is authorized to make decisions and/or changes on your behalf during construction.

    Pre-modification Survey:

    This survey allows us to determine your specific noise problems and concerns in your home. This data will be compared to a Post-modification Survey that will be completed at the end of the project.

  • Step 4: Architectural and Acoustic Measurements +

    Once we receive your completed forms, we will need to schedule a series of appointments with you. Engineers and architects will work with individual homeowners to develop a package of modifications that are aesthetically acceptable while still achieving the desired acoustical goals of the program. The design team will need access to all areas of your home for these measurements and surveys.

    Noise Test:

    This test, conducted by Wyle, lasts approximately 1-2 hours. Inclement weather affects the integrity of the testing results; therefore it may be necessary to reschedule this appointment in the event of rain or snow. Not every home will receive a Noise Test. For those homes that do receive a test, however, the acoustical engineer will measure existing noise levels by artificially producing aircraft noise inside your home using a loudspeaker. If a home receives a Noise Test before construction, it will receive one after construction as well. Both surveys require the home to be quiet during the measurements (no TV, radio, etc.). Due to the amount of noise emitted during the testing, we ask that no persons or pets are present inside the home during this test. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wyle at the Westfield-Barnes Noise Mitigation Program Office.

    Architectural/Electrical Measurements:

    This appointment lasts approximately 2-4 hours. Architectural measurements will be taken to create a blueprint of the home. The electrical designs will be determined at this time; therefore the person or person(s) most comfortable with these decisions should be present for this meeting.

    Mechanical/Building Code Violations:

    This appointment lasts approximately 2-4 hours. Mechanical measurements will be taken to create mechanical blueprint of the home. The mechanical designs & building code violations will be determined at this time; therefore the person or person(s) most comfortable with these decisions should be present for this meeting.

    Product Selection/Acoustical Survey:

    This appointment will last approximately 1-2 hours. A Wyle representative will meet with the homeowner and assist the homeowner in making door and window style selections. Samples of typical acoustical windows and doors are available for you to view at the Program Office to assist you in your choices. Please click here to see a sample of some of the products available. At this time, the home will be inspected for any unique features that may need to be addressed for Noise Mitigation purposes.

  • Step 5: Design Presentation +

    Once the architectural and acoustic measurements are processed, the Noise Mitigation Program team will design a set of acoustic modifications for your home. At this time, a Noise Mitigation Program representative will present this acoustical design to you. You and all other persons listed on the deed must be present at this meeting. A Noise Mitigation Program representative will discuss all proposed modifications with you and answer your questions. You may make some changes to the modifications, however changes will be limited. Per FAA and Noise Mitigation Program policy, changes will not be approved that would result in your home not meeting the required noise reduction goals. If you accept the modifications, all persons listed on the deed, and the Noise Mitigation Program representative will sign the Construction Agreement and the Avigation Easement at this meeting.

    Construction Agreement:

    After acceptance of the modifications, this will become the contract between the homeowner and the Airport. As this is a legal binding contract, once this document is signed, you cannot make changes to the modifications, i.e. finish items, colors, window/door styles, etc. In exchange for these modifications, this agreement obligates you to do a number of things, including:

    • Providing Westfield-Barnes Airport, its consultants, and the contractor access to your home during the construction period (additional access will be necessary for pre- and post modification sound tests and inspections).
    • Not performing any structural, mechanical or architectural changes to your home from the time of contract signing to the end of construction.
    • Not hiring the Noise Mitigation Program contractor to perform additional work in your home during the construction period.
    • Having an authorized representative at home during construction.
    • Removing furnishings and window dressings to allow for the work, packing all items for moving. The airport will provide a storage pod and will move furniture into the pod and back into the home. 

    Avigation Easement:

    The easement is a Westfield-Barnes Airport requirement and must be signed along with the Construction Agreement before the modifications to your home can be assembled into a bid package.

  • Step 6: Bid Package +

    Once the Construction Agreement is signed, the design plans with the acoustical modifications will be included in contract documents that will be used to solicit bids from pre-approved contractors. When we have all the Construction Agreements and Avigation Easements from the selected homes, Westfield-Barnes Airport will make the bid package available for competitive public bid. Several construction contractors will provide bids for the total construction cost of the work on all the homes in your group. Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport and the Noise Mitigation Program team will select the contractor from the bids received. Federal, State, and local regulations define the bidding standards.

  • Step 7: Contractor Visit +

    Once the bid package has been awarded to a contractor, he or she will need to return to your home to take final measurements for specified materials such as windows and doors. A representative of the Noise Mitigation Program will be present during this walk-through meeting. Other issues that will be addressed at this meeting are finishing details, such as door colors and wood trim finishes. To allow enough time for all the materials to be ordered, this meeting will occur well before actual construction.

  • Step 8: Construction +

    The contractor is required to submit a schedule of dates of construction for each home. Approximately 6 weeks prior to the start date of the first home, we will have a "How to Prepare Your Home for Construction" meeting. Once construction starts, the contractor will need four to five weeks (not including weekends and holidays) to complete major construction on your home. The contractor will need to return to the home after this time period in order to correct minor work items. These items, called "Punch List" items, are not fully scheduled into the construction contract, so expect to see the contractor a few times after the scheduled construction period has ended. Throughout the construction process, the Project Construction Manager will be inspecting the workmanship to ensure that all work conforms to the specifications. Any deficiencies will be corrected by the contractor prior to final acceptance by the Noise Mitigation Program

  • Step 9: Acoustical Measurements - After Construction +

    After final acceptance of the modifications to your home, post modification sound measurements may be conducted. Homes that were tested prior to construction will be tested upon completion of the Noise Mitigation modifications. Regardless of whether or not your home receives this post modification noise test, each homeowner will be required to complete the Post-Modification Questionnaire and return it to the Noise Mitigation Program Office after final acceptance.

  • Step 10: Warranty +

    You will receive a warranty package once your home has passed the final inspection. The contractor is required to warranty their work for a period of 1 year after final inspection. Individual products, such as doors, windows and mechanical equipment carry a longer manufacturer's warranty. We ask that homeowners contact the Noise Mitigation Program to address all warranty issues so that we may ensure a prompt response to your issue.

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