All homes that are within the 70-75 DNL contours of the 2020 Noise Exposure Map and homes that were eligible for acquisition by the 2014 Noise Exposure Map and are within the 65-70 DNL Contours of the 2020 Noise Exposure Map will be eligible for acquisition, pending funding. 

Homeowners will be contacted as funds become available for acquisition. Homes will be selected by the highest DNL level first and location relating to runway centerline if DNL levels are equal.

As funds become available, an informational meeting with selected eligible homeowners will be held to inform the homeowners of the process of acquisition. All meetings regarding appraisals, sales agreements, relocation, moving procedures and closings will be on an individual homeowner basis. All Local, State and Federal Laws and regulations pertaining to acquisition of property will be strictly adhered to.


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