Westfield-Barnes Airport, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), offers customers arriving from foreign ports U.S. Customs clearing at the Westfield-Barnes Airport (KBAF).

Unlike 'user fee' airports, Westfield-Barnes Airport is classified as a 'landing rights' facility. As a landing rights airport there is no fee assessed for international arrivals; however, for flights arriving from outside North America (the Middle and South Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia) a small incineration fee may be required for unconsumed restricted food items.


If your arrival at Barnes-Westfield requires the services of U.S. Customs please follow the steps outlined below to be granted permission for entry into the United States:

  • Notification to the local DHS office (413.785.0365) and FBO’s AirFlyte (413.485.0078) or Five Star Jet Center (413.562.4999) at least 48 hours prior to your proposed arrival so that we may coordinate necessary services and notifications.
  • Beginning 19 May 2009 notification of flights arriving/departing the United States must submit their itinerary through the electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS). This form can be found at In addition, a web-based tutorial can be viewed at for first time users.
  • After completing the eAPIS you will be provided a unique ID number and confirmation of the data submission. Please print and retain this information aboard your aircraft in the event it is requested by a CBP agent in Westfield.
  • A valid passport or visa is required for every person entering the United States from foreign ports. Please ensure that prior to your departure every person on the aircraft, including crew members, has this documentation.
  • While enroute to the United States all passengers and crew should complete a CBP Declaration Form 6059B, commonly referred to as a GenDec. In addition, non-immigrant visitors with a visa must complete a CBP I-94 form. Lastly, our Guests entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must complete a CBP I-94W form.
  • Note: Any unconsumed food items remaining on the aircraft and originating from outside North America are required to be incinerated. An additional fee is imposed for this service.
  • Upon arrival to AirFlyte please remain aboard the aircraft until the CBP agent arrives. Pilots may be requested to shut-down the auxilliary power unit. Passengers must provide their completed declaration forms to the agent for processing. Depending upon the circumstance, passengers and crew may be requested to disembark the aircraft with their belongings for materials detection purposes. We have dedicated a comfortable, non-invasive room within the FBO facility if this is required.


Unless otherwise approved, all aircraft arriving into the Unites States from the Middle and Southern Americas and the Caribbean must land at the first port enroute; however, aircraft operators may request an overflight exemption for either a single occurance or term exemption (2 years) in order to fly direct to Westfield.

The overflight exemption is provided for certain medical flights as well as those flights where additional economic influences may burden the operator by landing at the first port enroute. Typically, the Port Director (413.785.0365) with the authority over the local airport intended for use approves the overflight application (CPB Form 442). This form can be found at

Customs and Border Protection Form 442 requires the following fields to be completed prior to submission for approval by the Port Director:

  • Aircraft registration number and serial number
  • Identification information for each aircraft (class, manufacturer, type, number, color scheme and type of engine (e.g., turbojet, turbofan, etc)
  • A statement that the aircraft is equipped with a functioning mode C (altitude reporting) transponder, which will be in use during the overflight
  • A statement that the overflight will be made in accord with the instrument flight rules (IFR), and that flights will be at altitudes above 12,500 feet mean sea level (unless otherwise instructed by the Federal Aviation Administration controllers)
  • Name and address of the applicant operating the aircraft. If the applicant is an individual, include the name, address, social security (if available), and date of birth. If the applicant is a business entity, the address of the headquarters of the business. If the aircraft is operated under a lease, include the name, address, social security (if available) of both the lessee and the owner
  • Individual, signed applications from each crewmember stating name, address, Social Security numbers (if Available). FAA certificate number (if applicable), and place and date of birth??- A statement from the individual signing the application that the pilot(s) and crewmember(s) responding to the paragraph above are those intended to conduct overflights, and to the best of the individual's knowledge, the information supplied is accurate
  • Names, addresses, Social Security numbers (if available), and dates of birth for all usual or anticipated passengers. An approved passenger must be on board to utilize the overflight exemptions
  • Description of usual or anticipated baggage or cargo
  • Description of the applicant's usual business activity
  • Name(s) of the airport(s) of intended first landing in the U.S. Overflights will only be permitted to specific approved airports. The official name of Westfield is the 'Westfield-Barnes Airport' and the ICAO identifier is KBAF
  • Foreign place(s) from which the flight(s) will originate
  • Reasons for request for the overflight exemption. Provide an estimate of the increased costs of an extra landing at a designated airport (e.g., fuel, wear on aircraft components, landing fees, additional time/distance, etc.)
Please feel free to contact a Guest Service Agent if we may be of any assistance with your international travel plans.


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